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Book Discussion Groups

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

Book discussion groups, as promised by the WOW committee, will begin the week of Oct. 8th. Dates and times for the groups to meet will be determined based on the availability of interested members of each discussion. Sign up now to have a say in the scheduling of your group! Prayer will be the focus of the first group. This group will meet weekly for 6 weeks, on Tuesday or Thursday, beginning the week of Oct. 8. The discussions will be centered around the book Learning to Pray: a Guide for Everyone by James Martin, SJ, and will be led by Sue Howell. The second group will look at environmental issues and what we can do. The book Cathedral on Fire by Brooks Berndt will center this discussion led by Joanne Hable. The group will meet on 3 alternating weeks beginning Oct. 8, with time and day to be decided Mental health will be the focus of the third group discussion. Using the book Atomic Habits by James Clear, Gabrielle McLean will lead a discussion on forming habits that could benefit your well-being. This group will meet twice on either a Wednesday or Thursday evening.

The Grafton Library can get copies of Atomic Habits and Learning to Pray if people prefer to borrow instead of purchase, and the committee has some extra copies of Cathedral on Fire from the UCC as well.

How can I sign up?

Use the signup form found in your Sunday Church bulletin or contact one of the group leaders directly:,, or

We look forward to hearing from you! The WOW FACTOR – Donna Blanchard, Joanne Hable, Sue Howell, Kathy Vandenengel

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