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Facility Rental Request

The Congregational Church of Grafton

30 Grafton Common, P.O. Box 421
Grafton, MA 01519



Rehearsal Time Required?

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$300 Rental Fee Non-Members

NO Rental Fee Members



$300 Rental Fee Non-Members

$250 Rental Fee Members

Wedding Coordinator

$150 Rental Fee Non-Members

$150 Rental Fee Members
[both fees include rehearsal]



$150 Rental Fee Non-Members

$150 Rental Fee Members
[both fees include rehearsal]


$150 Rental Fee Non-Members

$150 Rental Fee Members
[both fees include rehearsal]


$50 Rental Fee Non-Members


$50 Rental Fee Non-Members


$50 Rental Fee Non-Members


$50 Rental Fee Non-Members


In order for a couple to be given “Member” status in the schedule of Wedding Fees, one person of the couple must be a church member.  If a couple requests that the church prepare a wedding bulletin , the cost is  $25.00 per 100 bulletins.


Please make checks out to individuals: 

Rev. Dr. Barbara Therese, Pastor
Ron Sainio, Church Organist/Pianist
Carrie Peacock, Wedding Coordinator
Hope Miller, Sacred Space Keeper (aka Sexton)

Kitchen Clean/Use Facility Policies

•    All cabinets and tabletops are to be cleaned.
•    Sinks, stove top, microwave, refrigerator/freezer doors are to be cleaned.
•    Stove and oven are to be cleaned and turned off; racks to be returned in place.
•    All perishable food is to be removed from refrigerator.
•    All lights and fans are to be turned off.
•    All equipment is to be  put away in proper place.
•    Floors are to be cleaned; dirt and spills are to be mopped up.
•    Trash is to be carried to dumpster; new garbage bags are to line trash cans.
•    Tables and chairs are to be cleaned and returned to original location.
•    Lights are to be turned off.
•    A church representative must be present, not to perform kitchen work, but to provide oversight
     and to ensure that kitchen equipment is put away properly.

Rental Policy

•    Our church is a smoke-free building.
•    No alcoholic beverages may used or consumed  in the church building.
•    Groups involving youth shall be under direct supervision of two (2) responsible adults who must arrive early and depart after all youth and children have exited the facilities.  Supervisors must monitor youthful activities.  Running inside or roaming throughout church is not permitted.
•    No nails, tacks, scotch tape or similar objects are to be used on floors, walls or ceilings.  Strings, ribbons, all wrappings,, packaging, cartons or other refuse are to be removed and placed in trash receptacles.
•    Any renter or group is responsible for turning out all the lights, lowering the thermostat and closing all doors and windows.
•    A bridal party is responsible for making arrangements with:  Church Organist, soloist, floral provider, reception, candles and aisle runner.   Fee for Pastor is separate from these costs.
•    The renter using the church is required to leave the facilities as found.  Tables and chairs are to be returned to original locations.
•    Users will confine themselves to the space and rooms agreed upon.
•    Any damage to equipment or facilities, other than from normal use, shall be the responsibility of those renting the facility.  All fees for rental of facilities and equipment are to be payable to the church and to be delivered to the Church Administrative Assistant upon booking.   In advance, a Damage Deposit of $50.00 is required.  This Damage Deposit will be returned to the renter if facilities are found to be in satisfactory condition,  as determined by  Church Staff.
•    Indemnification:  The Renter must indemnify the Church for any costs or damages of any kind incurred by the Church, as a result of the rental of the facility by the Renter.
•    All bookings and arrangements must be made through the Church Administrative Assistant at least two weeks prior to the event.
•    Cancellation:   A full refund will be given if cancellation notice is given  two (2) weeks prior to the event.

NOTE: Once your information is submitted, we will be in touch to verify that we can accommodate your event and to discuss your plans. Please review our Fees, Kitchen Clean/Use Facility Policies and Rental Policy before you submit your request,

Tel: 508-839-4513

30 Grafton Common
P. O. Box 421

Grafton, MA 01519

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